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Law Enforcement Testimonials


Videos from Practitioners:
Sgt. Brian Krzykowski, Wisconsin Rapids Police Department

Edward Hutchison, Triad Program Director for the National Sheriffs' Association

Sheriff Mark Hodges, Whitley County Indiana


Sheriff Aaron D. Kennard, Executive Director of NSA:
"The National Sheriffs' Association is proud to announce the recent endorsement of SafeAssured ID. This important program is a valuable tool for Sheriffs and those working in law enforcement. By making the SafeAssured ID Program available to families, Sheriffs know they have exactly the information they need should a search for a missing loved one be required."

Sheriff Randall J. Hoenisch,
Marathon County (WI):

In a battle where reaction time is critical, I want SafeAssured Child ID on my side. I encourage all parents and law enforcement officials to rally together and help ensure the safety of our community by participating in and supporting SafeAssured ID initiatives.

Sheriff Jerry Pagel, Calumet County (WI):

In cases surrounding a missing person, I find it's important to obtain the assistance of the media.  The information contained on SafeAssured's mini-CD can be disseminated quickly to get the information out to the news media.  The ability to act immediately with SafeAssured ID is a great benefit.

Community Resources Officer Paul Piotrowski, Stevens Point (WI):

The SafeAssured ID system provides us with instant access to the information we need when a child has been abducted. We can produce distribution-ready documents, access digital photos and fingerprints, and identify a child's mannerisms and unique physical traits within moments of receiving the disc. It also provides us with the info in a format we can use to quickly disseminate it electronically via the national Locater computer system.

Chief of Police Jeff Morris, Stevens Point (WI):
The SafeAssured ID system is a high quality, easy to use product that provides us with instant access to the information we need when a child has been abducted.