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Law Enforcement - Leading by Example


  • Orange County, Florida, in partnership with Safe Kids Coalition, has included the SafeAssured ID System in their Children's Safety Village, a unique educational facility where children encounter safety hazards similar to those found in everyday life. Uniformed fire and law enforcement safety experts teach children how to practice safety through hands-on exercises, role-playing activities, and other participatory techniques.
  • Radio station KUIK in Oregon sets up booths to sponsor SafeAssured ID kits for the community in partnership with local law enforcement. Spencer Rubin, General Sales Manager, KUIK - AM, notes, "The endorsement of KUIK's SafeAssured ID events by the Washington County Sheriff's Department and the Hillsboro Police Department is invaluable. It bands the community together." Deputy Chief Lila Ashenbrenner of the Hillsboro Police Department agrees: "The partnership has allowed us to get critical information out to the public and has also helped us connect with community members. These connections are critical, and none are as precious as those concerning our loved ones."