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Hear The Call To Action.
Answer It With SafeAssured ID.

Law enforcement agencies have been called into action to provide SafeAssured digital Child ID and Senior ID kits to the families in their communities because every minute matters when a child or senior is reported missing.

As a law enforcement official, you know the first few minutes after a disappearance are the most critical - statistics show that if a child is killed after being abducted, 74% of the time the murder happens within the first three hours1.

With SafeAssured ID, parents don't have to waste those first frantic minutes searching for high quality photographs or estimating their child's physical characteristics for law enforcement - they already have it all, stored securely on a SafeAssured encrypted disc.

How much time would you give today, if you knew it would help just one child within your community be returned safely to his family tomorrow?

Answer the call with SafeAssured ID.

Sheriff Aaron D. Kennard, Executive Director, NSA has said, "The National Sheriffs' Association is proud to announce the recent endorsement of SafeAssured ID. This important program is a valuable tool for Sheriffs and those working in law enforcement. By making the SafeAssured ID Program available to families, Sheriffs know they have exactly the information they need should a search for a missing loved one be required."

1 Case Management for Missing Children Homicide Investigation. Attorney General of Washington, Christine O. Gregoire, & U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Cooperative Agreement 93-MC-CX-K006. [Online] 14 April 2008.