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SafeAssured Solutions
Welcome to

SafeAssured ID -- A Turnkey Program

SafeAssured ID is a user-friendly product delivered through an entirely turnkey program. It's designed to make the most impact from your efforts as you make a difference for families.

Turnkey Promotion

Graphic Elements:

  • (2) SafeAssured Posters
  • 3 column by 9” newspaper ad
  • 1 column by 12” newspaper ad
  • Sign design for enrollment event
  • #10 envelope stuffer
  • Postcard mailing design
  • Logos & Icon - Separate elements, styles and formats
  • SafeAssured Images

Radio Scripts:

  • :10 second event promo
  • :10 second general promo
  • :30 second event promo
  • :60 second event promo

Television Commercials:

:22 second script, :8 seconds unscripted time for event specifics

Press Releases:

SafeAssured event details and partnership

Recipes to Success Guide

Proven success guide to running event

Turnkey Product

SafeAssured ID is the most comprehensive, technologically advanced identification solution in the industry. In the event that a loved one goes missing, SafeAssured ID provides families with the power to deliver media and law enforcement with immediate, holistic, and ready to broadcast information unique to the missing person. In addition to a digital photo and personal profile, SafeAssured ID differs from other identification solutions by offering: full set of digital fingerprints, voice sample, and streaming video showing movement and gait. The information is stored on a mini-CD ROM that is secured with an encrypted, locked electronic code.

Turnkey System

  • An all-in-one laptop system
  • SafeAssured ID proprietary software
  • A color ID Card Printer
  • CD writer
  • An electronic fingerprint reader
  • A state-of-the art digital video camera
  • A full color, collapsible SafeAssured backdrop
  • A Zoom microphone
  • Three durable floor mats
  • Camera tripod
  • A paper shredder
  • A scale and measuring tape


To lease or purchase a SafeAssured ID event, contact us.